My first German to English book translation, "Dictators as Gatekeepers for Europe," is coming out in 2019.

I have also translated two unpublished children's book, various academic articles and NGO publications.

There is a lot more involved in literary translation than just typing:



Often you have to find a publisher and a donor to support the translation of a book. I can help you with this.



You have to manage the project together with the publisher, (multiple) author(s) and other translators or proofreaders. No easy task, and this is where book translations often go wrong. I manage not just the linguistic aspect, but make sure all people involved get what they need so we can finish on schedule.



Non-fiction is often riddled with footnotes. How do you handle quotes from sources that are (un)available in multiple languages? What do you do if the text misquotes a source or a source link is broken?


Revision & proofreading

The final step is also the one where feelings get hurt. How do you get creatives to submit to cruel business pressures? How do you tell managers to back off without stepping on their toes?

Have a book project you want to talk about?

I am especially interested in economic issues, journalism, politics and history, or fiction that deals with these issues, such as historical novels & political thrillers.