Looking for a German to English legal translator?

I translate business contracts, mortgage agreements and other types of legal material from German to English and English to German. I am also authorized to produce certified translations.

  • Court documents on international financial fraud
  • Report of investigation by financial authorities against a major bank
  • Transcription & translation of 8-hour arbitration procedure
  • Property purchase contracts & mortgage agreements
  • Various terms & conditions, NDAs, licensing agreements, GDPR policies
  • Family law: papers for divorce, marriage, adoption
When do you write "shall" or "will"? Do you translate "Kaufmann" as "trader," "merchant," "entrepreneur" or "businessperson"? Bilingual legal dictionaries will tell you all the choices, but not which one is right.
It's easy to verify, though: The official translation of Section 1 of the Commercial Code (HGB) has been officially translated and defines Kaufmann as "merchant." You just need to know this and take the time to look it up.
I don't follow hunches when it comes to terminology. With your translation, you'll get a glossary with sources and comments for each legal term. This QA measure helps make sure your translation "speaks the same language" as the source and lets you trace my research.
As an "authorized translator for the courts and notaries of Berlin," I'm also able to deliver certified translations. I passed the state exam for translators with a specialization in business/economics and hold a BA in management with a specialization in finance & accounting.
  • Law firms & notaries
  • Financial service providers
  • Companies
  • Real estate agents

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