I’ve worked in various fields, from hospitality to sales, from repairs to adult education. My work has always been about using language, getting the point across. This informs my translation style. I don’t just repeat what I’m told, I always keep the audience in mind and do the research.

I’m a staff teacher at a translation academy, and working with students shows me how far I’ve come and how much farther I’ve yet to go.

When I’m not working, I volunteer and study languages. Besides my native languages German and English, I work with French. I also have advanced skills in Turkish and Pashto.

To see my CV, check my LinkedIn profile.

English voice-over

German voice-over

References & samples

Interpreting Translation
  • Helle Panke e.V. – DE/EN interpreting for conference on feminism, Berlin 2019
  • ndo annual conference – interpreting for annual conference of migrant advocacy group Neue Deutsche Organisationen in Berlin, 2019
  • Kulturprojekte Berlin
    Regular simultaneous interpreting for events about funding for the cultural sector since 2018
  • Symposium about the New Bauhaus
    Simultaneous interpreting DE>EN for several academic speeches w. tour guide system
    Bauhaus Archives, Berlin, Feb. 2018
  • 2017 ENSA conference, Berlin
    DE>EN simultaneous interpreting
  • MRBB conference: Queer Refugees – more than just welcome?!
    Alice Salomon University, Berlin
    DE>EN simultaneous interpreting, 2016
  • Public health office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: Community interpreting over several sessions, FR/DE





















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