Conference interpreting is considered the pinnacle of the translation profession.

Did you know professional interpreters can only concentrate for 30 minutes at a time? That is why we usually staff the booth in teams.

For smaller settings, tourguide systems are becoming the norm. They allow interpreters to accompany guided tours or work in other areas without a speakers’ microphone. These systems are slowly replacing the whisper interpreting for informal meetings, workshops, court interpreting.

For panel discussions without the necessary equipment or one-on-one meetings, consecutive or liaison interpreting is also still used.

Other areas we work in are medical interpreting or even voice-overs for video content.

Although I did not study conference interpreting, I completed the German state exam, which tests the three major interpreting modes (liason, simultaneous and consecutive with note-taking) for German to English. I am also a sworn court interpreter and a member of the Federal Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ).

I regularly work as consulting interpreter for public-sector organizations in Berlin, at conferences, workshops, panel discussions. This job includes staff recruitment, client consulting, equipment rentals, etc. and if done right can save you lots of money and headaches.

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