Lost in bureaucracy? Need your papers translated because you've just arrived or plan to get out of Germany? Or do you need a professional interpreter because you're buying a house, getting married or divorced, haggling with the Ausländebehörde, studying abroad or opening a business?

Officially, I’m called “authorized translator and sworn translator for the courts and notaries in Berlin for the English language.” This means I have the stamp & the papers, too, to make your application go through.

I can produce certified translations from German to English and vice versa. I can also refer trusted colleagues for most major languages.

For clients with very little money and some time to wait, I also work with a volunteer organization specializing in French and English.

  • Certified EN translation of German business report for USA with apostille
  • Interpreting for weddings, notary appointments, court appointments
  • University degrees, school diplomas
  • Divorce papers, court decisions
  • Civil registry papers (birth certificates, marriage certificates)
Many certified translations are very short-term. I try to accommodate as many requests as I can, but should I be unavailable, you can search the official database of all certified translators.
If you need a certified translation, please attach a printable scan to your e-mail. A photo is not good enough for printing. A printout of the original usually needs to be stapled to the translation.
I charge flat fees for each project based on hourly or daily rates.