October 24, 2022

The real reason why localization projects fail

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The answer to why your client is hiring agency on top of agency to check for quality issues and switching providers arbitrarly, even though your MT quality scores are through the roof and you have the most advanced TMS out there:

Source string:
Click the button “Change Status” to change the status from “In Process” to “Done”.

Translator opens a ticket:
“I am unable to translate this documentation, because I cannot see the German UI and the labels are not documented anywhere else. The name of the button and the statuses could be a wide range of target options in the German UI, but since I have no access to the software, I just don’t know. If I translate this without references, the documentation will be completely unusable and a waste of your client’s money.”

Project manager answers:
“I checked with the client. We are unable to provide German screenshots. Please translate according to the provided resources.”

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