May 30, 2018

How to write good titles for the web

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What’s the better headline “Repairing the screen of your iPhone” or “Repair your iPhone screen”?

There are several good arguments preferring infinitives and compounds over gerunds, participles and prepositional phrases in all titles, especially when writing for the web. What does that mean? Always write titles as simple commands.

Here’s why:

  • Infinitives are easy to machine-translate. It’s also the way someone would enter a search query in Google, so it’s bad for your SEO.
    • BAD: “Repairing the screen of your iPhone” becomes “Reparieren des Bildschirms deines iPhones”
    • GOOD: “iPhone screen repair” becomes “iPhone Bildschirm Reparatur” – that’s how most people would google for this topic.
  • Call to action! Infinitives are also imperatives: “Repair your screen! Click here!” That’s why they’re also great for user interface items, such as buttons. It tells the reader “Do this to get that.”

Do you have any other observations? Please share!

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