Use Wordfast online TMs as concordance reference in other CAT tools

I work for one agency, which only sends me remote TMs & glossaries for Wordfast as a reference. I don’t have a Wordfast license. However, there’s a neat hack to access these remote references in my favorite CAT tool without buying Wordfast.

Wordfast has a free online service called Free TM or Wordfast Anywhere ( Here you can set up a project like in most other CAT tools. (You need a free account; if you don’t want to give your real e-mail, use a disposable one, like

To set up your remote TM, proceed a follows:

  1. In the “TM & Glossaries” Tab, go to “Setup”.
  2. Click “Add” for either TM or glossary, depending on which one you’re adding.
  3. Choose “Add remote TM with a given URL”
  4. Copy the remote TM link provided by your client or customer into the box that appears. (It should start with “gltm://”)
Fig. 1: Add the remote TM in Wordfast Anywhere.

Now you’ve added the remote TM to Wordfast anywhere. To search it, click either “Concordance” or “Glossary Search”, depending on whether you want to search the TM or glossary.

Fig. 2: Find the search link for your remote TM in Wordfast Anywhere.

In the browser window that pops up (enable pop-ups!), copy the link from the URL bar. You can now add this link to the CAT tool of your choice like any old search engine! Just make sure you’re logged in to WF Anywhere in your browser in the background.

I’m showing you an example using MemoQ. Here the option is called “MemoQ Web Search” (Ctrl + F3). In SDL Studio, it’s under Advanced > Lookup > Web Lookup. It will be similar for other tools.

Just add the WF anywhere URL to your list of custom search engines, according to your CAT tool’s specifications. Voilà! You can now access the client’s TM and glossary without having to use Wordfast. Just select a word in your project and press the Web Search hotkey (Ctrl + F3 in MemoQ) to get straight results from the remote TM / glossary in your favorite CAT tool. Share if you like!

Fig. 3: Add the remote TM link to MemoQ as a custom search engine.

4 thoughts on “Use Wordfast online TMs as concordance reference in other CAT tools

  1. John Borel

    Your article is very interesting. I used to do this in Memo Q, but I’m afraid it is no more possible now, as the URL does not show the Email address anymore and then there’s a message in Memo Q saying : “Error on the server, you may need to relog.” Even after logging out and in again, the problem persists.
    Any solution, please?


    1. ايمال

      Sorry, will have to check how this works with the newer versions…


  2. You’re incredible. Thousand thanks! You saved my weekend. I didn’t manage to use the MemoQ search function, but at least I have access to the TM now


    1. ايمال

      Thanks for your comment! Always happy to help 🙂


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