Another plea from a failing penny agency

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[ICanLocalize newsletter] Your duties as an ICanLocalize translator

Dear translators,

We have more than 500 translators collaborating with us to create and deliver top notch translations. However, we have received some concerning feedback from clients regarding deadlines and quality.

This is a serious issue since high quality and meeting deadlines have always been our first priority. When translators fail to achieve this, they lose clients, and this leads to less translation jobs. Consequently, this brings bad publicity to ICanLocalize, and we finally end up losing our clients’ trust.

This is why we would like to remind you about your duties as a translator at ICanLocalize:

  • Please, do not overload yourself with too many projects if you won’t be capable of submitting good quality translations within the deadline. We prefer quality over speed. If client needs speed and you think there is a chance you could jeopardize your work’s quality, it’s better to abstain from applying.
  • Old clients usually add new words to their software/website projects on a regular basis. When clients send a small number of words (50, for instance), they expect you to complete them asap, in spite of the deadline calculated by system. They trust you, and their releases and updates also depend on you and your capability to meet deadlines. So, always remember to handle issues in a timely manner, as clients are waiting for their translations to complete in time
  • If client is unhappy, and provides proofs of machine translation or simply poor translations, you risk yourself to refund the payment you earned to compensate client for bad quality translations. Therefore, if we see that such irresponsible behaviour towards clients becomes a routine, we will issue an official warning. After 3 official warnings translators stop working with us.
  • Feel free to communicate with the client and ask as many questions as you need. They are people just like you, with needs and deadlines. So, keep the communication fluent and always recheck client’s needs and updates.

If for some reason you can’t complete a job or you are having issues to continue working with one client, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you. Translators are as important to us as clients.

Kind regards,

ICL Team

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